Ben Porter is an American graphic designer born in west suburban Chicago. Finding inspiration in a city known for printing, it was a high school graphic arts class that led to a career in design. Ben learned to adapt quickly during his formative design years while working in creative and production based roles within agency, corporate and print shop environments. After working those skills into a highly successful run as a freelancer, he then earned a full-time opportunity at global agency, JMI/CSM. While there, Ben worked with many of the world's leading brands, having projects featured on SportsCenter and national TV spots, while also appearing in video games and globally televised sporting events. Coming full circle, Ben is back to providing general freelance services as well as motorsport specific creative services through his racing brand Redline Ace.
"It takes a unique breed of designer to shift gears on the fly balancing between clients, brands and projects as a freelancer. That’s why I take so much pride in my ability to do so utilizing years of experience to ensure client success for each and every freelance project I take on." Ben Porter on being a freelance designer
"I can't say enough how much we appreciated Ben as a freelancer. He was a pleasure to work with – always patient and flexible with last minute requests, reliable at meeting deadlines, great at keeping us updated on projects and able to step in quickly & seamlessly with our team."
Anna Meier Litten - Manager of Creative Services, Salesforce
"Ben is a strong and conscientious designer and his ability to roll his sleeves up and get involved in a brief, to live it and breathe it, is infectious. His passion for his craft allows him to develop great work and form strong professional ties with clients, account teams and stakeholders alike."
Stephen Gillespie - Head of Digital & Creative Services, JMI/CSM
"In all my years of looking at paint schemes, Ben's was second to none in the Subway motorsport program. According to Carl Edward's manager, Randy Fuller, he never received as many positive comments about a paint scheme as with Ben's 2016 Subway #19 NASCAR Toyota Camry design!"
Tony Bonetti - Assistant Marketing Manager of Partnerships & Promotions, Subway
As culmination of many years tinkering with business ideas outside of his day job, Ben ultimately found a niche by developing his own creative company with roots in design and motorsport. With high end style, sleek marketing, influencer support and a whole lot of grind, the lifestyle racing brand Redline Ace launched with quick success off the line. Redline Ace is comprised of an apparel line as well as a full range of creative services, both of which are specifically geared for racers. Making Redline Ace a brand truly driven by design.
Designer by trade, hustler by nature.
All design inquiries welcome. 

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